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useused listenlistened enjoyenjoyed visitvisited


We play baseball.We played baseball.

Ken watches TV. Ken watched TV.

Ms. Green walks to school. Ms. Green walked to school.

They study English. They studied English.

I open the window.I opened the window.


私はいつもチャンスを逃す。I always ( ) the chance.miss

私は昨日チャンスをのがした。I ( ) the chance yesterday.missed

ケンはよくそのコンピュータを使います。Ken often ( ) the computer .uses

ケンは3日前そのコンピュータを使いました。  Ken ( ) the computer three days ago.used

used listened enjoyed visited

We played baseball. Ken watched TV. Ms. Green walked to school. They studied English. I opened the window.

miss missed uses used

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