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They are my friends.彼らは私の友達です。

Mr. Tanaka is always busy.田中さんはいつもいそがしい。

That is my bike.あれは私の自転車です。


Ken and I ( アis イam ウare ) from Australia.

Your father ( アis イam ウare ) a doctor.

I ( アis イam ウare ) a new English teacher.

( アYour sister  イI  ウWe ) are good at soccer.

( アYour brother  イI  ウThey ) is twenty years old.

( アThis イThese  ウThe flowers ) is very beautiful.

( アOur school  イThis  ウThose ) are very old.


あなたの質問はとても難しい。(question / your / difficult / is /very).Your question is very difficult.

私のクラスメイトたちは親切です。(classmates /my / kind / are).My classmates are kind.


彼らは群馬出身です。They are from Gunma.

このコンピュータはとても新しい。This computer is very new.

彼らは私の友達です。 田中さんはいつもいそがしい。 あれは私の自転車です。

Your question is very difficult. My classmates are kind.

They are from Gunma. This computer is very new.

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